We love our job. Not everybody is as lucky as us. We don’t count the hours until the day is over. Instead we are always rather surprised to find how fast time has passed. It’s a privilege we bask in every day. When pleasure goes hand in hand with hard work, knowledge and experience, the results are obvious for all to see. Step by step and goal by goal, we are proud that we have not had a single displeased client. And by the way, talking about goals…

You’ll be delighted to learn that we offer the following services from our wonderful 3 storey house in Boyana, Sofia with a huge garden peppered with pine trees:


- Dog Boarding

- Cat Boarding

- Pet Boarding for other small animals

- Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting (in your home)

- Dog Care

- Dog Walking Services (we also have a dog walker who will come to your home)

Pet transportation Services: We offer dog transport and cat transport via pet taxi and also pet shipping.

Our main mission is to make your pet happy and give you peace of mind and security. This is not so hard, as we do not have cells and prisons: Instead we encourage freedom and much play ;))).

Welcome to Hubba Hubba Pets